What We Do

The secret of ASH lies in how tailor made solutions for individual clients needs are met and how they add the power of human touch in everything they do.


Where Facility Services Matter

Office properties.
Shopping centres.
Industrial and institutional buildings.
Educational Facilities.
Health care centres.


Where Facility Services Matter

National Retail Stores.
Food and Beverage facilities.


No Commitment Contract

One of the ASH core belief and values is total customers satisfaction. our customers are not asked to sign long term lack-in contract. We clean for our customers on a month to month agreement as we seek to re- earn their business each time we clean.

Why Choose All Seasons Housekeeping

All seasons housekeeping is recognized as one of the most advanced full service commercial cleaning and total floorcare franchise in the commercial cleaning industry providing top quality janitorial services and total floor care delivered in a professional and consistent way.

Top Quality Service

Advanced Full Service

Professional & Consistent

Attention to Detail & Hard Work

Floor Care Experts

We are complete commercial cleaning services and total floor care experts.

Total Customer Satisfaction

Total customer satisfaction is our goal and commercial cleaning with "NO HEADACHES attached" is our brand promise .

Quality Inspection Program

Our quality inspection program ensures we do what we promise with every cleaning. Our customer retention rates prove it.

90% Customer Retention Rate

Our customer retention rate is 90% in an industry that average 63%. customized cleaning specification are established with each customer which our cleaners are then individually trained to accomplish with each other.

Color-Coded Cleaning System

For your protection our unique color coded cleaning system eliminates potential for cross contamination between restroom and offices, break rooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms, etc.

Certified Cleaning Products

For your protection we use the best certified cleaning products along with the most advanced and effective cleaning equipment available